New look for this site

For 2019 and beyond, we are heading into new waters by creating a site for website building, travel writing and micro-stock photography.  You will be able to check out the progress (this is really new) and find the perfect photo for your blog, marketing materials, websites and more. 

The urban landscape in Honolulu takes many forms

Honolulu is a city of changing colors and facets. Honolulu is a crossroads between east and west, a true melting pot for ethnicities, religions and politics. Today, Honolulu is not your “grandmother’s Honolulu”.

Olympic Sculpture Park – January 2011

Living just minutes from the sculpture park in Belltown means we often take it for granted. When the sun broke through on a Wednesday afternoon recently, I was seduced by the idea of the Canon T1i and I heading out for a walk.

Buildings – Art in Cities

Gotta love Seattle for its street art and sculpture. Of course, there are some who say the buildings themselves are works of art…take our Seattle Public Library as an example. The building is quite unusual and walking through it is an experience in and of itself.

Seattle, An Urbanite’s City!

We are so urban in this city that if it snows, we cease business. We cease going out of our homes for groceries, booze or dates. We curl up in our houses or apartments and become cabin-feverish. We basically do not know how to drive on snow…and our city does not know how to deal with snow.

Vision & Mission: 2019

While my mission statement is centered around the process of what I need to be doing, my vision statement is the end result of what I will have done. It is the picture of how the landscape will look after I have been through it. The Vision statement is the force that will sustain me when my Mission statement seems too heavy to endue, enforce or engage. I share with you, the viewer, my vision and my mission.