Seattle, An Urbanite’s City!

We are so urban in this city that if it snows, we cease business. We cease going out of our homes for groceries, booze or dates. We curl up in our houses or apartments and become cabin-feverish. We basically do not know how to drive on snow…and our city does not know how to deal with snow.

Photographing A Wedding

I “did” a wedding in September. It was my first photographic shoot of a wedding. I tend to shoot in a photojournalism style, liking to be on the edge of the action and shooting with a long lense. I just put together a proof album for the newlyweds to take with them to their family outings at Thanksgiving. It has turned into a 121-photo story of their wedding day. The more I looked at the photographs, the more I “saw” the story unfold. In some ways I saw it better while putting together the album than I did during the actual event. While it actually occurred in a small town, and is not an event on the streets of the Urban Landscape, it is a pivotal point for my photographic journeys.