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For 2019 and beyond, we are heading into new waters by creating a site for website building, travel writing and micro-stock photography.  You will be able to check out the progress (this is really new) and find the perfect photo for your blog, marketing materials, websites and more.  With thousands of photos on hard drives, the galleries will be growing by leaps and bound over the next year.  All photos are reasonably priced and sized mainly for web use although the licensing can allow for print use as well.  If you find a photo you want to use in other manners, you should email me the contact form on this site so we can discuss use and terms. This is an exciting time, both for us and, hopefully, for you.

I started Crystal Clear Media Productions many years ago.  I was distracted by other shiny objects, so it had never really taken off.  I did nothing to publicize it because it was really more of a personal blog than one that was going to show anyone anything. It was  not meant to inform nor was it meant to promote…it was just there, in existence, with a great domain name. I built the original website look from FrontPage (hear the groans in the distance). For many years, it was supposed to be strictly a portfolio of my photography. But I never took the time to figure out a presentation of the photography I had done. Then Flickr came along, as did RedBubble, and it became unnecessary to produce a photography site for my photos.The photo to the left shows the website as it was as an intermediate site that I did in early 2010.  Built on the Artisteer framework, it was okay but lacked something in my opinion.



Today’s site is built on the Genesis framework using the Expose Child Theme (from StudioPress). I appreciate both the framework and the flexibilty that the Genesis framework with the child themes offers.  I use it a lot although some people swear by the Thesis framework.  I looked at both long and hard before I purchased Genesis and am happy with the end result every time I have built a site on it.


The Urban Landscape – new site

Now I find with the new look, it has also given a breath of new life to an old favorite. So it is with some pride in the new look, I am going to see if I can commit to a regular update on the site and to take my very much loved camera out more often to do some serious shooting!

Check back occasionally or subscribe to the updates in the column to the right on my “About” or “Contact” pages.  There is a Double Opt-in area for subscriptions there.  And thanks for visiting Crystal Clear Media Productions.



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