Olympic Sculpture Park – January 2011

Living just minutes from the sculpture park in Belltown meant I often took it for granted.  When the sun broke through on a Wednesday afternoon in January 2011, I was seduced by the idea of the Canon T1i and I heading out for a walk.  My feet invariably found their way down the hill, staying on the sunny side of the street to stay warm to the Olympic Sculpture Park.  Seattle-ites can be very interesting.  They hardly know whether to go to church to beg forgiveness (for what they can only guess) when the sun comes out, or they head out to the streets to look at the blue sky and water and enjoy the sun.  Here are my pictures from that day.  I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them.  🙂

Olympic Sculpture Park
2901 Western Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121
For More Information: (206) 654-3100
Map of the Park


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