A different urban landscape – Puerto Vallarta

On October 4, 2009 I headed out to Puerto Vallarta.  Having never been there before, I did a lot of Google-ing and website searching as soon as I received my itinerary from Destination Ventures. There were six of us on this itinerary from all over the USA.ot knowing anyone, nor the language, the biggest  hurdle is getting through the airport intact.  There was supposed to be someone waiting for me with a name plaque so that I could escape the crush of taxi drivers who are aggressive and border-line abusive.  Once again, as in Los Cabos, I was not so fortunate. But I was soon taken under the wing of  a young woman who seemed somewhat “official” and also found a fellow travel agent traveler, Kathy.  We were shown to the “VIP” lounge.  There we found our hostess and were tucked safely into an appropriate taxi and taken to our hotel.

Although suffering from unbelievebly hot and humid weather for the next few days, I fell in love with Puerto Vallarta as we rushed from hotel to hotel, activity to activity.  Notably, the people we talked to about the town were passionate and dedicated to it.  Many were transplants from all over the world.  They were of many ages, race and nationality.  Their love of Puerto Vallarta united them as one.  My only regret, as it so often is on one of these trips, is that I did not have enough time to go see the old town, to see as much of Puerto Vallarta as these people could tell me about.  It means I have to go back, of course, which is not a problem.  Though it will be a while before I can revisit Puerto Vallarta, and that I truly regret.

Not many of the pictures I took were of the urban landscape of Puerto Vallarta.  Most of them were of the hotels and activities that were in our itinerary.  Our itinerary was designed to keep us on the go and with minimal personal time.  As an example, on the first day we did site inspections of 8 hotels.  Truly exhausting in the heat and humidity.  I have started posting pictures on my Flickr photostream.  Because I took more than 1000 pictures, the editing and posting is going to take a while.  Only the first 50 or so are posted as of this date.  Stay tuned, check back.  As I upload more pictures, I will talk about the urban landscape of Puert Vallarta here.  And at TopDawg’s Travelogue I will talk about the hotels I saw and the activties I did.  On National Romance Travel Examiner  I will be writing reviews of the hotels I inspected and activities I participated in.  At Seattle Travel Industry Examiner I will be writing advice to the international traveler regarding luggage, airlines, airports, hotels and activities.  And at Associated Content I am going to surprise readers with a different kind of report on Puerto Vallarta, which you will just have to wait till you see it to know what I mean!  Enjoy a different urban landscape, go to Puerto Vallarta!


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