The Urban Landscape…from the TopDawg’s point of view

Some cities can bring out the best and the worst in people. Seattle is a such a city. 
When the sun comes out, people on the street smile more. When the sun goes away, there are not so many people out on the streets and they are usually not smiling. When I moved to Seattle, we immediately moved into Belltown. I was taking my dog for lots of walks while exploring the eccentricities of Belltown. What I then noticed was that gloomy or sunny, when people looked at my dog, they began to smile. He became my goodwill ambassador and eventually the inspiration for the business of travel, TopDawg Travel.

This blog was to become his documentation of travel through the urban landscape. Of course, I have to be his copy editor, since his typing is marginal at best. While I may have to travel, and write about travel for him, he is still my inspiration for the effort. He still makes the people on the street smile as they pass us.

The urban landscape has become a pet project for us. Seattle has so many works of art all sitting out for every passerby to enjoy. I often wonder if we don’t notice them because they are always there. For 2009, no matter where we travel, we are going to document the works of art we hurry past.

Since art is defined by the eye of the beholder, it will be interesting to see if readers of this blog will choose to contribute their interpretation of art and suggest places and pieces of art to be included in this documentation. 


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