Seattle, An Urbanite’s City!

We are so urban in this city that if it snows, we cease business.  We cease going out of our homes for groceries, booze or dates.  We curl up in our houses or apartments and become cabin-feverish. 

We basically do not know how to drive on snow…and our city does not know how to deal with snow.  The scrapers and the plows are so few, they operate in vain.  Instead of salt there is gravel and chemical (???). The children go play in the streets.  Adults ski from the tops of the surrounding hills to the waterfront, trying to break known records for distances ski’d in a town known for its hills and lack of snow.  As the pictures below show, we had nine-inches of snow on our deck that week.  That was a lot of snow for Seattle!

All the re-hashing in the world is not going to change December 2008.  Will we do any better if it snows in the next couple of months?  If it snows again, as much and in the same fashion as December’s snow…my guess is, “No”.  It’ll be business (or “snow-closed”) as usual.  I love this city, but it sure can be frustrating…and cold!  Also, I took some pictures of 4th Avenue in Belltown during those snowy days.  Here are a few…


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